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This page lists the submission guidelines for authors wishing to submit their book proposals or manuscripts to Flying Pen Press. Flying Pen Press is currently open to all submissions that are suitable for its imprints. The publisher is expressing immediate interest in science fiction, fantasy, and mystery novels, and in poker books and role-playing-game books.

For a list of all other non-fiction topics that Flying Pen Press will consider, turn to this page, here.

(Flying Pen Press does not publish poetry, erotica, or children’s books.)

Submission Guidelines

Email submissions: Attachments must be in the form of a RTF files (“rich-text format”). We prefer to receive a full synopsis and the first three chapters of your work in the initial email and will request the full manuscript if we wish to review it. Please do not send anything to us unless you have a completed commercial length manuscript. We are not currently accepting unsolicited submissions for uncompleted works.

Our minimum word length for all fiction is 65,000 words. Please include the total word count for your manuscript in the initial email.

Illustrations and artwork may be included in the form of PDF, JPG or TIFF files.

Flying Pen Press will reject unsolicited email larger than three megabytes. Any email or attachments that do not meet these restrictions will be summarily deleted, without being read or opened.

Email submissions should be sent to submissions at flyingpenpress.com.

Art submissions should be sent to art.submissions at flyingpenpress.com.

Responses: Flying Pen Press is dedicated to reviewing all submissions as quickly as possible, and to sending a notice of receipt by email. When the item has been reviewed, the company policy dictates that Flying Pen Press send an email indicating interest, acceptance or rejection. We are sorry, but we cannot offer specific reasons for rejections on all proposals. We may call by phone if we accept the material for publication.

All submissions and proposals should include the author’s email address, the author’s phone number, and the author’s mailing address. Please include this information on the title page of any manuscript.

While we try to contact all authors who submit material, time constraints may make this impossible from time to time. If you do not receive an acknowledgment for Flying Pen Press in an adequate time, please feel free to send email to the acquisition editor originally contacted, or to authorrelations at flyingpenpress.com.

Acknowledgement emails will indicate about how long it will take to review the submission or proposal, and may ask for additional information or a complete manuscript. We are sorry but material cannot be returned. Please do not send original copies.