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Game Day is the imprint of Flying Pen Press that publishes game books and books about games.

Game Day books are all about having fun, and about the business of having fun. Game Day titles cover the entire gamut of games, from board games to casino games, from children’s games to chess manuals, from role-playing games to card games.

Game Day also covers the more serious side of games, from professional gambling to game manufacturing to game theory.

There are two projects underway in the Game Day imprint: The Game Day Poker Almanac, and the Standard Rules and Definitions for Fantasy Role Playing. You can read about these projects at the “Projects in Progress” page found here.

Game Day needs indexers, writers and editors for the Standard Rules and Definitions for Fantasy Role Playing. More information can be found by turning to this page here.

In addition to these two projects, Game Day is seeking book proposals on just about any game topic. Interested writers should flip to the Submissions Guidelines page, here.

Game Day titles will cover the following topics:


  • Gambling & Casino Game
  • Card Game
  • Poker
  • Collectible Card Game
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Billiards
  • Chess
  • Board Game
  • Role-Playing Game
  • Miniatures
  • Video Game
  • Game Theory
  • Tactics & Strategy
  • Party Games
  • Children’s Games
  • Puzzles
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Gamester Biography
  • Collector Guide
  • Game-Industry
  • Game-Themed Fiction
  • Any type of game (not physical sports)


Game Day Fiction is a sub-imprint of Game Day, for game-related novels and story anthologies. All Game Day Fiction titles have a game-related theme, including the following genres:


  • Role-Playing-Game Theme
  • Mainstream-Game Theme
  • Chess Theme
  • Card-Game Theme
  • Poker Theme
  • Gambling Theme
  • Casino Theme and/or Setting
  • Puzzle Theme
  • Puzzle Mysteries
  • Puzzle within a Novel

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