Please join #SciFiChat on Twitter, Fridays 3pm to 4 pm ET.

SciFiChat, the Friday afternoon Twitterchat for all lovers of science fiction, fantasy, horror urban fantasy, comics and games.

#SciFiChat is a weekly Twitterchat. It is held on Fridays, 3pm ET to 4pm ET. A social hour before the chat begins at 2pm ET.

Each week, I post discussion questions for chatters to discuss. Sometimes I interview a special guest via tweets. If you have a Twitter account, you can participate by tweeting with the hashtag #SciFiChat. In any event, you can monitor #SciFiChat live by searching the tag #SciFiChat.

I recommend using or to follow the chat live. These sites both allow for automatic tagging of tweets, and both reload the search by the hashtag for a live chatting experience. When the chat gets busy, both of these sites have a “pause” button that allows one to stop the streaming tweets to get all caught up.

Many simply follow the chat on TweetDeck, an application that tracks several searches at once, or with HootSuite, another such application.

#SciFiChat is a lot of fun. It is like attending a mini-science-fiction convention to start off the weekend. Our topics cover a wide range of topics, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, urban fantasy, and superheros. We cover all formats of fiction: books, TV, movies, comic books, graphic novels, and games.

I post program notes on this page, as well as transcripts after each chat. To find out what is next, you can read the program notes here or see the @scifichat profile page. To catch up on what you might have missed, look through the transcripts. (I first began transcribing the chat on September 14, 2012.)

Be warned! #SciFiChat has a few peculiarities:

  • I allow light promotions of author’s books.
  • We often drift off the topic.
  • Puns are prevalent.
  • Snarkiness is encouraged.
  • Disrespect for any of the chatters is not tolerated.

I will return to the old schedule of holding #SciFiChat for two hours on Fridays, 2pm – 4pm ET, starting most likely in May or June, 2013.

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