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SciFiChat: September 14, 2012: Artificial Intelligence

Satu Makeda. Actress, Singer, TV Host, and Director. Guest of SciFiChat this week.

This week’s SciFiChat topic was “Artificial Intelligence.” Our interview guest was the remarkably beautiful, talented and geeky Satu Makeda, who goes by the handle @TheFinalFangirl. She is an actress, singer, TV host (Nerd Noise), & director. You can find everything you want to know about her at her website, and trust me, you really want to know.

Transcript Follows

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: Welcome to #SciFiChat. Topic: Artificial Intelligence. Moderator: @DavidRozansky. Guest: Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl.

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: Welcome to #SciFiChat. Topic: Artificial Intelligence. Moderator: @DavidRozansky. Guest: Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl.

MarcNash @21stCscribe: @richmagahiz weapon of choice? I’m top pun myself… #Scifichat

MarcNash @21stCscribe: @robynmcintyre a walkover πŸ™‚ #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @21stcscribe #scifichat I listen to Indian Ragas and Scottish Bagpipes to write some novels.

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @Jaleta_Clegg For hour 2 all chatters are forbidden from showing social (or human) qualities whatsoever #Scifichat

Marianne G. Petrino @NineTiger: @robynmcintyre Ok, lets just go and o the time warp again! #scifichat

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: J. Adam Lefever – Read my latest scifi book free, about a post-money America: #scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: Hello everyone πŸ˜‰ one of my favorite topics, A.I. #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: Hmm, just gor a botcall on teh phone as soon as #SciFiChat started. Coincidence? or WEEKLY ANNOYANCE?!?

MarcNash @21stCscribe: @JLichtenberg depends what my novel is for the soundtrack. One was Greek rebetika, another trance… #scifichat

Marianne G. Petrino @NineTiger: @JLichtenberg Very cool! #scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @NineTiger It’s just a jump to the left… #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @TheFinalFangirl Welcome and applause #Scifichat

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: #SciFiChat Q1: What are your favorite stories that features artificial intelligence? #scifi #tv #books #movies #robots #startrek #starwars

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: #SciFiChat Q1: What are your favorite stories that features artificial intelligence? #scifi #tv #books #movies #robots #startrek #starwars

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: @TheFinalFangirl Mine as well – cheers! #scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: Satu Makeda – actress, screenwriter, and director (and more) #scifichat

Marianne G. Petrino @NineTiger: @robynmcintyre and then a step to the right #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @21stCscribe Banana cream pies at seven paces #Scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @scifichat A1 2001: A Space Odyssey #Scifichat

MarcNash @21stCscribe: @richmagahiz I have large feet. My seven paces likely to be bigger than yours, unfair #clownfeet #Scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: Certainly, Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. With Marvin and DeepThought- you can’t beat it πŸ™‚ #books #radioplay #tv #film #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: .@richmagahiz Domo Arigoto, Mr. Roboto! Domo! Domo! | The Bots rock as a band. #SciFiChat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: A1: Red Dwarf #scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @21stCscribe @JLichtenberg My last was written to PJ Harvey’s “Let England Shake.” The mood of the album’s everywhere in the book #scifichat

theakpal @theakpal: RT #scifichat: @scifichat Moon is a Harsh Mistress // edited for hash

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @DavidRozansky It’s good music to listen to in the car #Scifichat

Paul Gadzikowski @AKOTAS: @scifichat A1. My favorite effects in the first two Alien movies were the reactivated torn-apart androids. #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: A1 for me is Moon Is A Harsh Mistress — “when they all light up” (anyone not remember that defn of orgasm?) #scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @scifichat Pretty much anything with Data. #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @theakpal Oh, gee, you beat me to it by one click! #scifichat

Marianne G. Petrino @NineTiger: Did Andre Norton do Silver Metal Lover? #scifichat

MarcNash @21stCscribe: @whateversusan love that! πŸ™‚ #scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @AKOTAS Those were awesome #scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: RT @AKOTAS: @scifichat A1. My favorite effects in the first two Alien movies were the reactivated torn-apart androids. #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @scifichat A1 Asimov’s short story “The Last Question” #Scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: My favorite, all Asimovian Robots stories, especially Robots and Empire and Caves of Steel. #SciFiChat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @NineTiger Put your hands on your hips #scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @whateversusan Data is my first A.I. love #scifichat

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: @AKOTAS You know whats funny? In the film it looks like they were constrcuted with handfuls of foley catheters. #scifichat

Marianne G. Petrino @NineTiger: @robynmcintyre And bend your knees in tight #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @whateversusan Agreed, Data is a character that brings Mike from MOON into the mobile world! #scifichat

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: RT @DavidRozansky: My favorite, all Asimovian Robots stories, especially Robots and Empire and Caves of Steel. #SciFiChat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: #scifichat No love for Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide? Brain the size of a planet…

theakpal @theakpal: #scifichat we can’t forget R2D2

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @NineTiger But its the pelvic thrust #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @scifichat A1 Anyone remember this film? #Scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @richmagahiz The Forbin Project? Loved it. #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl for “first” A.I. loves, I’d go with R. Daneel Olivaw CAVES OF STEEL by Asimov #scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @TheFinalFangirl When I was little, I wanted to BE Data. I did the head movements and everything. Drove my dad nuts. #scifichat

Marianne G. Petrino @NineTiger: @robynmcintyre That really drives you Insaneeeeee #scifichat

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: My first was C3P0. He seemed harmless and useful. I wanted one. #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @robynmcintyre You’re a woman with good taste #Scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @richmagahiz Oh the FORBIN PROJECT – oh, yikes. #scifichat

Marianne G. Petrino @NineTiger: Adam Link, the Robot? or Questor? #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: #SciFiChat Q2: At what point does a computer become sentient? #IBM #HAL #scifi #robots #computers #iPhone

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: #SciFiChat Q2: At what point does a computer become sentient? #IBM #HAL #scifi #robots #computers #iPhone

Paul Gadzikowski @AKOTAS: @adamlefever I’ve never read about’em. Maybe they were. #scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @richmagahiz I really liked it ’cause Forbin didn’t win in the end, but you knew he wouldn’t stop trying #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @JLichtenberg @robynmcintyre How about Westworld, with Yul Brynner? #Scifichat

theakpal @theakpal: @DavidRozansky #scifichat A2: When Skynet goes online.

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @scifichat A2: when it starts making calls for pizza? #scifichat

Paul Gadzikowski @AKOTAS: @richmagahiz I remember the film -and- have read the books. (thirty years ago) #scifichat

Marianne G. Petrino @NineTiger: @scifichat When it orders a tall caramel macchiato? #scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @scifichat When it has had enough of our shit and does its own thing! #scifichat #moriarty

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @scifichat A2 When it can write poetry. *Good* poetry #Scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @richmagahiz @JLichtenberg Awesome. He scared the BJeezus out of me #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: The Butlerian Jihad trilogy by @TheKJA and Brian Herbert was good, too. #dune #SciFiChat

OhVoter @OHvoter: .@DavidRozansky #scifichat a2: when it comments on, jokes about, and edits, its own source code

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: A2 #scifichat WWW trilogy discussing “Awakening” of the computer into sentience. I think Robert J. Sawyer is right.: View summary

theakpal @theakpal: @richmagahiz #scifichat Is there such a thing as good poetry? I’m not sold on this. πŸ™‚

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: A2: Feeling emotion, like Marvin, or experiencing physical sensation, like Data. Then there is the emotion chip addition. #scifichat

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: A2: When it 1) Seeks knowledge 2) Is willing to fight for its own survival #scifichat

Paul Gadzikowski @AKOTAS: @JLichtenberg @TheFinalFangirl When I read Caves Of Steel at about 25 I said, “I wanna robot like that.” #scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @theakpal @richmagahiz Yeah – good poetry is like distilled literature #scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: RT @richmagahiz: @scifichat A2 When it can write poetry. *Good* poetry #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: A2 maybe when it can CRY? #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @theakpal I dabble in writing some, now and then. It’s more successful than my prose. #Scifichat

Thaddeus Howze @ebonstorm: @scifichat When it decides to do things in ITS best interest. Innate selfishness beyond one’s programming is sentience. #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @robynmcintyre That was generally the kind of character he played #Scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: #scifichat At what point does mimicking emotion become the real thing? You become what you pretend to be, eventually.

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl Being an SF writer by trade, I instantly ask “What if emotion does not distinguish us from A.I.?” #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: @AKOTAS You pushing for #geekcred in front of the geekmedia? #SciFiChat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @AKOTAS @TheFinalFangirl I re-read some of those robot novels a few years ago and found they didn’t hold up for me #Scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: A2: When it can withhold rational thought, discern between good and evil. Using it’s own morals and ethics. #scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @JLichtenberg Crying implies emotion, which is not a requirement of sentience. I would think that errors might be, however. #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @ebonstorm Or maybe when the A.I. gets caught in the quandry between altruism and self-interest? #scifichat

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: Hopefully it HAS morals and ethics!!! RT @TheFinalFangirl: A2: […]Using it’s own morals and ethics. #scifichat

Paul Gadzikowski @AKOTAS: @scifichat A2. I knew Data had a soul at the end of In Theory when he threw out his dating algorithms in a snit. #scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @TheFinalFangirl I’d say when it devises its own moral code vs the one originally downloaded into it #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: RT @richmagahiz: @AKOTAS @TheFinalFangirl Old “robot” novels can’t “hold up” because we’ve got iPhone5 and Siri! #scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @TheFinalFangirl It’s own? Does anyone actually have their own, or are they operating from a social framework #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @DavidRozansky We are the geekerati #Scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: #SciFiChat Q3: Should sentient machines have human rights? #scifi #robots #law #humanity #computers #philosophy

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: #SciFiChat Q3: Should sentient machines have human rights? #scifi #robots #law #humanity #computers #philosophy

Paul Gadzikowski @AKOTAS: @scifichat I knew Voyager’s EMH had a soul when he was rebooted and still remembered his favorite music. #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: @JLichtenberg Nope. By that definition, politicians are sentient. #SciFiChat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @JLichtenberg @TheFinalFangirl I always thought the line was a lot less clear than we thought. Emotions are chemical. #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @JLichtenberg @AKOTAS @TheFinalFangirl It wasn’t the tech, it was the infodumps and the flat characters (the human ones) #Scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @whateversusan @JLichtenberg @TheFinalFangirl So is thinking to a certain extent. #scifichat

theakpal @theakpal: @DavidRozansky #scifichat A3: no, because they’re not human. However, they should have the same rights as a human.

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: A3 Robert Heinlein tackled many angles of the “rights” issues – it wasn’t PODKAYNE OF MARS – a later juvenile though #scifichat

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: #scifichat Sentience has to involve self-awareness. Are some animals sentient? I’d argue yes.

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @scifichat A3) Only in as much as they can be defined by anthropomorphic rights. Can disembodied AIs be tortured/physically hurt? #scifichat

Paul Gadzikowski @AKOTAS: @DavidRozansky Uh, no, I’m saying I don’t remember them -well-. #scifichat

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: A3: Hmm… they’re not human, so no… but we will probably have robot parts as well. The idea would have to be re-thought. #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @scifichat A3 They’ll probably want transhuman rights #Scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @J_GriffinB @scifichat Could one be kept as a slave or mentally/emotionally abused? #scifichat

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @J_GriffinB Is switching off an AI considered murder? #scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @robynmcintyre @JLichtenberg @TheFinalFangirl Yeah, it’s all reactions, electricity, chemicals, etc. #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: If morality is not common to all sentient beings, then I would argue that a moral code is not part of the equation. #SciFiChat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @adamlefever Exactly: Senient rights. #scifichat

Paul Gadzikowski @AKOTAS: @scifichat A3. Yes, but first there may have to be a legal definition of sentient. #scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @DavidRozansky I’d tend to go along w/ that, since morality is relative #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @Jaleta_Clegg Good point we do have sentient animals (e.g. dolphins, some primates) even on Earth #scifichat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @Jaleta_Clegg @J_GriffinB Or is it just a nap? #Scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: A3: At what point does A.I. deserve the same rights as a human being.. Sentient rights vs. human rights. hmmm #scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @J_GriffinB @scifichat I wonder what rights they would demand for themselves? Self-determination would likely still be the base. #scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @Jaleta_Clegg Deletion, I would think, yes. Turning off? Infringing on their freedom to speak or move. #scifichat

Thaddeus Howze @ebonstorm: @DavidRozansky No, they need to have a series of rights designed for their needs and relationship to Humanity. #scifichat

theakpal @theakpal: @Jaleta_Clegg #scifichat that would depend if it can be turned back on with no ill effects.

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @whateversusan I’d agree w/ that #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: A3 if we give “rights” to animals, surely then our other “possessions” likewise have rights? In Bible, slaves had rights #scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: A3: A.I. have their own set of rights, I would say. #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: @Jaleta_Clegg The movie AI seemed to tackle the question of “Can AI’s have souls?” pretty well. #SciFiChat

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @scifichat A3 The central question in Blade Runner #Scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @whateversusan The right to copy oneself does this = reproductive rights? If someone has a copy, did they kidnap you? #scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @J_GriffinB @whateversusan If you make a clone of yourself, does the clone have your rights or do you own it? #scifichat

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: The discussion phase of #SciFiChat is over. It’s time to interview @TheFinalFangirl. Please. let’s give her the floor for next 20 minutes.

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl A3 @DavidRozansky has good point: do “rights” require “sentience?” #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: AI’s will probably get any rights they win through warfare and politics, I guess. I vote politics. #SciFiChat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: RT @ebonstorm: @DavidRozansky No, they need to have a series of rights designed for their needs and relationship to Humanity. #scifichat

theakpal @theakpal: @J_GriffinB #scifichat No, that’s called pirating. πŸ™‚

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: The #SciFiChat guest is Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl, Satu Makeda, actress, singer, #tv host (Nerd Noise), & director.

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @whateversusan The right to copy oneself does this = reproductive rights? If someone makes a copy, did they kidnap you? #scifichat

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: I’ve been working on a list of “Robot Rights” for awhile now. I have nine of them. #scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @theakpal Only if I did not purchase the copy. #scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @J_GriffinB We might run into a similar issue with clones someday. Would we want unlicensed clones of ourselves out there? #scifichat

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: .@TheFinalFangirl Welcome to #SciFiChat, it’s good ot have you here.

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: Whoa #scifichat is trending in New Haven! Cool!

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @scifichat Thank you so much! Good to be here amongst friends. πŸ™‚ #scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @whateversusan Prepare for the trolling…Soon as something gets trendworthy, along come the creatures. #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: .@ShiverM3Kimbers #SciFiChat is a weekly science fiction and fantasy related twitter chat. And your follows like to chat there.

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: @J_GriffinB Haha. And bots? #scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @J_GriffinB @robynmcintyre Figures. Darn trolls! #scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @adamlefever Yes! #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: remember to check to see if Twitter turned your trend settings to “personalized trends” without your knowledge. #SciFiChat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @adamlefever @J_GriffinB Do Twitter bots have intelligence? What about the ones who talk to other bots all day? #scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @whateversusan I think one must differentiate between intelligence and sentience. #scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: Would you date an A.I.? #scifichat

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: .@TheFinalFangirl tell us about your show, Nerd Noise. #geek #fandom #TV #YouTube #SciFiChat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @LacyHumphrey3 *pokes with a stick* You there. Are you sentient? #scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @whateversusan LOLOLOL #scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: #NerdNoise is an entertainment web series covering all things nerd: comics, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, supernatural etc. #scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @TheFinalFangirl Unless she’s got a hot bot running about, no. #scifichat I am not into non-physical dating relationships. #scifichat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: .@TheFinalFangirl ELO wrote the song on that. She’s so very nice, she’s as cold as ice, and she is an IBM. #SciFiChat

Delvin Fannin @HaouDelio: @TheFinalFangirl I dont think I could ever do that #scifichat

theakpal @theakpal: @whateversusan #scifichat now you went and done it: ‘she’ called all her friends to join the party.

L. C. Coffin @TheDweadPiwate: #scifichat It hit me the other day, and really sunk in, that we’ll most likely never get to live on space ships in our lifetime…

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: I host and produce the show, and travel around the globe to fan conventions (Star Trek, Stargate, Comic Con etc.). #scifichat

Myoshi Marilla @myoshimarilla: Am I the only one to be kind of happy to know that #scifichat exists? Thanks TT’s!

Von Malcolm @VonMalcolm: @TheFinalFangirl Would an A.I. date a human?! #SciFiChat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @TheFinalFangirl That sounds awesome! #scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @VonMalcolm That is a better question! #scifichat

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: .@TheFinalFangirl What inspired you to become an actress with such a strong “geek” persona? #SciFiChat

Don @djfanco: @J_GriffinB @whateversusan But I would’ve expected creatures to be welcome in #SciFiChat It’s not speciest, is it?

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @djfanco @J_GriffinB @whateversusan More like specious… #scifichat

Thaddeus Howze @ebonstorm: Dating an AI depends entirely on what you two had in common. If you had enough in common, why not? Meeting of the minds… #scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @J_GriffinB @VonMalcolm We need the Space Pope to weigh in on this! #scifichat #dontdaterobots

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: @VonMalcolm @TheFinalFangirl Humans will want to date/sleep with/marry A.I. I’m sure this will happen. #scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: I am a geek for dark rock musicals. It was Jesus Christ Superstar that did me in. I wanted to travel to strange lands and sing.:) #scifichat

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @adamlefever @VonMalcolm @TheFinalFangirl That’s why they’re building lifelike plastic girls even now. #scifichat

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David A. Rozansky @scifichat: Should we switch to #SciFiChat2?

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: Let’s switch #SciFiChat to #SciFiChat2. On my mark. 1, 2, 3 mark.

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: How exclusive #scifichat2 #norobots

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @TheFinalFangirl how different and cool #scifichat

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: What a pain in the posterior. #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: Checking in… #scifichat2

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @scifichat Present #SciFiChat2

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: .@TheFinalFangirl So, as a professional conventioneer, what do you think is best about fan conventions? #SciFiChat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: Switching to #scifichat2 now everyone! Follow the convo

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: Does anyone ever click those bot links? #scifichat2

theakpal @theakpal: #scifichat2 so, where were we? Remember not to feed the troll-bots.

Thaddeus Howze @ebonstorm: Does this mean we are becoming interesting, relevant or did someone’s mommy not hug them enough when they were a child? #scifichat2

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: Well, the robots are squatting on the old hashtag. This, fellow humans, is our grim future. #scifichat2

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @TheFinalFangirl Thanks for staying with us through the invasion! #scifichat2

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: Did we get everyone on #SciFiChat2? Please ping the tag.

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @Jaleta_Clegg Nah, I’m ascared to. That’s why I can’t figure out why they still exist. #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @scifichat The most wonderful thing is seeing the absolute joy on everyone’s face. All that happiness is addicting. And Cosplay. #scifichat2

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: This is the first time we had to switch to channel 2. Hope this works. #SciFiChat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: #scifichat2 I’m blaming twitter-bots on Peggy, the tech support guy in those weird commercials.

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @whateversusan How appropriate, that we were invaded by bots during our A.I. convo! #scifichat2

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @whateversusan We’ve proven the existence of artificial stupidity #SciFiChat2

Tony Noland @TonyNoland: I’ve got a few minutes before I have to run off again. Let’s see what’s going on in #scifichat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @richmagahiz As if organic stupidity was too scarce. #SciFiChat2

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @Jaleta_Clegg Apparently if you click on the link, you get assimilated. #scifichat2

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: @TheFinalFangirl See? These bots are a force of nature. πŸ˜€ #scifichat2

Von Malcolm @VonMalcolm: When is an A.I. sentient? When it can switch to #SciFiChat2 without being programmed to do so! – #SciFiChat

Thaddeus Howze @ebonstorm: @richmagahiz @whateversusan I am sorry to say there was nothing “artificial” about that stupidity. That is the genuine article. #scifichat2

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @richmagahiz Figures that would get popular first. #scifichat2

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: .@TheFinalFangirl Please tell us about Captian Schoolgirl. Where can we learn more? #SciFiChat2

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @adamlefever More like a force of un-nature #scifichat2

theakpal @theakpal: RT @VonMalcolm: When is an A.I. sentient? When it can switch to #SciFiChat2 without being programmed to do so! – #SciFiChat

Chris Breedlove @BreedBass: #scifichat2

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: OK, we’re still in an interview for five more minutes, Let’s calm down and let her have the floor. #SciFiChat2

Drew McGee @TheRealMrAmazin: #scifichat2

Delvin Fannin @HaouDelio: Oh goodness the switch is almost to much for my brain #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @scifichat Captain Schoolgirl (created by Will Finan and I) started as a skit on TV, a comic book, then a short web series… #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @scifichat I have since written a 1/2 hour TV pilot-you can follow updates on twitter @CaptSchoolgirl and FB /captainschoolgirl #scifichat2

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @TheFinalFangirl @scifichat @CaptSchoolgirl This sounds really great. #scifichat2

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: .@TheFinalFangirl Tell us about the character Capt. Schoolgirl. #SciFiChat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: The Adventures of Captain Schoolgirl (TV Series) we’ve been at NY Comic Con too #scifichat2

Raj Joshi @ItsMeRajJoshi: I clicked the #SciFiChat trend thinking that I’d find discussions about how to build a #RocketShip but I guess not. #Disappointed.

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: @ItsMeRajJoshi We switched to channel to. Try #SciFiChat2

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: .@TheFinalFangirl Take this moment to plug whatever you want…What’s next for @TheFinalFanGirl? #SciFiChat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: The Adventures of Captain Schoolgirl (1/2 hour superhero drama) is an upcoming TV series written by myself. #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @DavidRozansky thank you for 2!! #scifichat2

Paul Gadzikowski @AKOTAS: @ItsMeRajJoshi We’re at #scifichat2, escaping bots. We’re discussing artificial intelligence this week. Ha, ha! #scifichat

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: @TheFinalFangirl Where/when will we be able to see it? #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: I am continuing to write the rest of the season (13 episodes) and I hope to produce it sometime early next year. @CaptSchoogirl #scifichat2

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: Let’s move on to the Q&A session. Who has questions for @TheFinalFangirl? #SciFiChat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: I can’t recall getting spammed like this before, but #litchat did I think and changed their hashtag #scifichat

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: In the meantime, #NerdNoise has some new episodes coming up including a new Bladerunner clothing line + horror-inspired perfume #scifichat2

Susan Jane Bigelow @whateversusan: Okay #scifichat2 I gotta get back to revising this SF novel… πŸ™‚

theakpal @theakpal: @TheFinalFangirl A link to the web-series would be good on the FB page. #scifichat2

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: For those tuning in, or still buried by spambots, please note we have switched #SciFiChat channel to #SciFiChat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: Check out #NerdNoise on my YouTube channel here: #scifichat2: View summary

Marianne G. Petrino @NineTiger: What the heck happened? I step away for a minute, then whamo spamo! #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @theakpal it was a web series before web series- its actually on myspace. The new script is redesigning the whole thing πŸ™‚ #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: Finally, I feel like being the moderator means something besides just being snarky all the time. #SciFiChat2

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @NineTiger I taunted the wrong tiger, it seems. #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: .@NineTiger I’d explain what happened, but then they’d find out where we all ran off to. #SciFiChat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @robynmcintyre I will add the link soon- the character is having a complete makeover and new origin story as well #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @DavidRozansky Oh, you’re a good moderator – very good questions, great comments #scifichat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @TheFinalFangirl What age group is Captain Schoolgirl aimed at? #scifichat2

James Fletcher @discord_inc: #SciFiChat What happened? Did the AI Revolution happen while I was getting lunch?

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: Would you send a promo for NerdNoise to #SciFiChat whenever a new episode of Nerd Noise is up? Please? #SciFiChat2

theakpal @theakpal: @TheFinalFangirl Does she have any superpowers or special abilities? #scifichat2

Marianne G. Petrino @NineTiger: @DavidRozansky No prob. πŸ™‚ #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl I missed it if you posted a FB page link – I couldn’t find you on FB when I looked #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: The original web series @CaptSchoolgirl was shot 2004-2007. We will be shooting brand new episodes with new cast early 2013 #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: me: Captain Schoolgirl: #scifichat2

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @JLichtenberg It’s at fb/captainschoolgirl #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @DavidRozansky Absolutely! Filming a new ep next week on a Bladerunner clothing line in Burbank πŸ™‚ #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: RT @JLichtenberg: @DavidRozansky Oh, you’re a good moderator – very good questions, great comments #scifichat2 #boastfulRT

J. Griffin Barber @J_GriffinB: @TheFinalFangirl Isn’t that a bit daring, rebranding this close to a launch? #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @Jaleta_Clegg The new version will be a “Glee” audience. High school problems, but not showing anything too risque #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: @TheFinalFangirl Oh, that would go well with my Han Solo outfit and my Indiana Jones hat! #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @theakpal The old Captain Schoolgirl had the ability to give guys x-ray vision πŸ˜‰ but new has yet to discover her natural power. #scifichat2

Thaddeus Howze @ebonstorm: Captain Schoolgirl link: #scifichat2

theakpal @theakpal: @TheFinalFangirl me likey πŸ˜‰ Is it set in a world with other ‘super’ types? #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: Probably going to start a Kickstarter page in the next month or two- I will keep you posted @CaptSchoolgirl #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: #FF @TheFinalFangirl. A fan conventioneer’s best friend. #SciFiChat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: .@TheFinalFangirl You let us know about the Kickstarter, we’ll RT it along. #SciFiChat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: RT @DavidRozansky: .@TheFinalFangirl You let us know about the Kickstarter, well RT it along. #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: RT @TheFinalFangirl: Probably going to start Kickstarter page in next month or two for @CaptSchoolgirl. #SciFiChat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl me too – will RT kickstarter calls #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @theakpal Takes place upstate New York. The powers people have are natural characteristics that are enhanced by confidence. #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl are you on google+? #scifichat2

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @TheFinalFangirl I like that! #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @JLichtenberg yay! Thank you for the support! #scifichat2

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @TheFinalFangirl Horror-inspired perfume doesn’t smell corpsey, does it? #SciFiChat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: So, as a producer, can I send you some of Flying Pen Press’s #scifi #books for consideration of production? #SciFiChat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @JLichtenberg Not on there much but I exist #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl Old SF novel saying: if you don’t tell kids they can’t do telepathy, they’ll be able to #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @richmagahiz It’s really cool- they even have superhero scents. It’s more of a “gothic” line, look for October ep. #NerdNoise #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl added you to circles on google+ – don’t want to lose you. #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: RT @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl Old SF novel saying: if you dont tell kids they cant do telepathy, theyll be able to #scifichat2

theakpal @theakpal: @TheFinalFangirl As long as it’s not patchouli-based, I won’t hate on it. #scifichat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @JLichtenberg If you don’t teach them about gravity, they can fly, too. #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @DavidRozansky sure! I’ll take a gander! #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: Tumblr too: #scifichat2: View summary

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @theakpal right – patchouli has “chou” in the middle for a REASON #scifichat2

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: I wonder if ‘taking a gander’ came from having watch-geese… #scifichat2

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: @Jaleta_Clegg Was that Newton’s Fourth Law? πŸ™‚ #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: .@TheFinalFangirl Thanks. DM me the contact info, I’ll send you what I think you’ll like best (pdf or print, your choice). #SciFiChat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @adamlefever Never underestimate the power of children who don’t know about limits. #scifichat2

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @Jaleta_Clegg My sister tried flying off the roof of our house – didn’t work so good #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: @TheFinalFangirl And thank you so much. If not for production, I hope you’ll like them enough to review on your show & blog. #SciFiChat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: To recap: Captain Schoolgirl= @captschoolgirl and follow me for updates about #NerdNoise #scifichat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @TheFinalFangirl I’m intrigued by Capt Schoolgirl. Aimed at male or female audience or both? #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: is my tumblr where I put news items of use to SF writers #scifichat2: View summary

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: @Jaleta_Clegg Hmm. Maybe we should stop educating them. πŸ™‚ #scifichat2

Kathrine Roid @KathrineRoid: Hello, #scifichat2. Cowering before our spambot overlords, are we?

Paul Gadzikowski @AKOTAS: @scifichat Thanks, @TheFinalFangirl. #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @Jaleta_Clegg will be both this time- empowering for young women/teens and mostly a confidence booster for high schoolers #scifichat2

theakpal @theakpal: @adamlefever I think that happened with No Child Left Behind. #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl Oh, and I teach writing on where I post on Tuesdays #scifichat2

LitChat @LitChat: @JLichtenberg We did change tag for 1 session, but spamming ceased after a couple of days. Hope it clears for you, too. #scifichat #litchat

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: That is all the #SciFiChat robot is programmed for today. Thanks to all chatters, and thank you to our guest, Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl.

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: That is all the #SciFiChat robot is programmed for today. Thanks to all chatters, and thank you to our guest, Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl.

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: Thank you everyone for the smooth transition to channel 2 during our bot crisis. #SciFiChat2

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @theakpal LOL Good one. #scifichat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @adamlefever Oh, please no! They have to be educated so they can spell. Don’t get me started on overhauling education. #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @DavidRozansky Seemed like a wise thing to do- thanks for having me everyone! #scifichat2

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @TheFinalFangirl Great to hear about your show and projects! #scifichat2

theakpal @theakpal: @TheFinalFangirl Thx for playing with us. #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: .@TheFinalFangirl Thank you for a great interview and for being a good sport during the invasion. #SciFiChat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @DavidRozansky cross-circuiting to B Captain #scifichat2

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: @TheFinalFangirl Cheers ~ added to Facebook. #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @captschoolgirl is about anti-bullying and staying strong through those tumultuous years! New comic book w TV series as well #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: Next #SciFiChat is Fri., Sept. 21. Social at 2pmET, discussion at 3pm ET. Topic: Star Trek: Voyager. Guest: @ThatJamesKahn. #scifi #startrek

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: Next #SciFiChat is Fri., Sept. 21. Social at 2pmET, discussion at 3pm ET. Topic: Star Trek: Voyager. Guest: @ThatJamesKahn. #scifi #startrek

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @DavidRozansky Absolutely- looking forward to the weeks ahead πŸ™‚ Thanks again. Going to get my picture with the Stanley Cup now! #scifichat

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl Yes, you have been an interesting guest – please come and toss in some comments every week #scifichat2

Kathrine Roid @KathrineRoid: @Jaleta_Clegg @adamlefever **chuckles** Would you need an entire novel to explain your education overhauling, perchance? πŸ˜‰ #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: Now I have to go back and retweet the program notes on channel 2. #SciFiChat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl we range over every possible topic – take suggestions for new topics, too. Any ideas? #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: @JLichtenberg will do- I found a good “home” to converse now πŸ™‚ #scifichat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @TheFinalFangirl Thanks for coming. Looking forward to seeing the new series @CaptSchoolgirl #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @TheFinalFangirl My only prob with being a teen was that nobody thought I was an adult #scifichat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @KathrineRoid I work for school district and have a BS in HS Education – science and math. I could spout for years… #scifichat2

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: Next #SciFiChat Fri., Sept. 21. Social at 2pmET, discussion at 3 ET. Topic: Star Trek: Voyager. Guest: @ThatJamesKahn. #scifi #SciFiChat2

Adam Lefever @adamlefever: @KathrineRoid @Jaleta_Clegg An implant, perhaps. We can consume the info at will. How many laws did Newton have again? πŸ™‚ #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @DavidRozansky Are we switching back for next week? #scifichat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @scifichat Netflix to the rescue. Have to admit I haven’t watched Voyager much. #SciFiChat #scifi #SciFiChat2

Kathrine Roid @KathrineRoid: @TheFinalFangirl You may add my thanks to the tally. The tale end of the discussion I caught was very interesting, #scifichat2 1/2

Kathrine Roid @KathrineRoid: @TheFinalFangirl 2/2 and I will definitely go back and read what I missed. #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @Jaleta_Clegg Nobody watched VOYAGER “much” — once was enough mostly, but I just LOVE Janeway #scifichat2

JLichtenberg @JLichtenberg: @Jaleta_Clegg the writers and directors ruined Janeway, but the acting saved her! #scifichat2

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: @JLichtenberg We didn’t have a local station that carried it when it was on air. Haven’t caught up on it yet. #scifichat2

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @JLichtenberg I thought most of the characters were annoying, though I liked the Dr. Hologram #scifichat2

RobynMcIntyre @robynmcintyre: @Jaleta_Clegg (Don’t tell anyone – I didn’t like it) #scifichat

David A. Rozansky @scifichat: Please watch for the transcript of today’s #SciFiChat on my blog: #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: Please watch for the transcript of today’s #SciFiChat on my blog: #scifichat2

Satu Makeda @TheFinalFangirl: RT @DavidRozansky: Please watch for the transcript of todays #SciFiChat on my blog: #scifichat2

Lichtenberg @9Cups: RT @scifichat: Please watch for the transcript of today’s #SciFiChat on my blog: #scifichat2

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: @JLichtenberg yes, we switch back to #scifichat next week. #scifichat2 (and it looks like #scifichat static is now gone).

Kathrine Roid @KathrineRoid: @J_GriffinB That make us the valiant human rebels? #scifichat2 (You may be interested to know spellcheck tried to make “valiant” “Italian.”)

Jaleta Clegg @Jaleta_Clegg: #scifichat2 #scifichat See you all next week for another fun discussion of all things #sciencefiction #fantasy #geek #startrek

David Rozansky @DavidRozansky: Now to do the first #scifichat transcript. Have to filter out the spam and deal with channel switch. Grrr. #scifichat2

Tennyson E. Stead @tennysonestead: @JLichtenberg I’m watching the series now for the first time… and Seasons 4 and 5 are outstanding. #scifichat2

Tennyson E. Stead @tennysonestead: @JLichtenberg …and Janeway is great – the most conflicted and unprepared of the captains, which forces her to be stronger. #scifichat2

Rich Magahiz @richmagahiz: @DavidRozansky Good luck with that! #scifichat #scifichat2

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