SciFiChat Program: December 7, 2012. Fantasy World Building, Part II


#SciFiChat on Twitter. Friday, December 7, 2012, 3 pm ET.

On December 7, 2012, at 3:00 pm Eastern Time, The #SciFiChat on Twitter will engage in Fantasy World-Building for Shared-World Anthology. This is the second of a two-part exercise.

Fantasy World Building

SciFiChat topic for December 7, 2012, 3:00 pm ET, is Fantasy World-Building for Shared-World Anthology.

The chatters of SciFiChat have asked that we once again engage in a shared-world project for an anthology. In the first part, the chat begin collaboration on writer’s guidelines for a fantasy world setting that various authors will use to create a short story. In this installment, we continue what we started last week.

Authors will be able to submit their stories for publication in an anthology from Flying Pen Press once the guidelines have been published on this blog site. The anthology will likely carry 15-20 stories, each 1,500 to 8,000 words long.

Jaleta Clegg (@Jaleta_Clegg) has offered to be the project editor. Sh will write the final official guidelines and to pick stories from those submitted for publication in the anthology.

Here is what Jaleta Clegg has collected from last week, posted here for chatters to review before we continue the brainstorming:

Shared World Anthology (Title?)

Basic world:

Planetoids, each with a different dominant ecosystem and people (swamp, forest, glacier, desert, etc), divided by aether. Think Flash Gordon. Travel through the aether is by airship and is very dangerous due to natural conditions (storms – electrical, rain, snow, wind, fire, etc), monsters, and pirates. (gotta have pirates)

The plants and foods of each planetoid sometimes have magical properties when used and/or consumed by natives of other planetoids. Ordinary ingredients on one planetoid are very rare and precious on other planetoids. Magic is made through cooking – the more complicated and difficult the recipe, the more magical the resulting dish. Those who can cook the best are highly prized and valued. But what is magical on one planetoid may be ordinary peasant food on another.

Trade happens at the market – a central planetoid that is a lot like an English village, always spring weather, green grass, trees, etc. The market vendors travel from their home planetoid at great peril so the goods they offer are very expensive. Those buying are looking for magical, at least to them, items.

The market has very few permanent inhabitants – the Mistress, a mysterious figure who runs the market (I’m thinking she’s my narrator and main character for any stories I write but others are free to use her character in their story as long as she is only a minor part. I’ll write a short introduction using her for the first anthology.) The market needs a few police-type people, too. Maybe these can be the judges for the council contest.

The world is ruled by a council made up of representatives from different planetoids. Only those who brave the aether to travel to the central planetoid are deemed worthy to be citizens and be on the council. The head of the council is determined by a contest. The one who concocts the most magical, delicious entree wins.

The races on the planetoids do not need to be human or even humanoid. The airships can be any design, but they are wind-powered or magic-powered. No high-tech unless you can justify it in the story.

The chat will build on this concept, with decision on the rules of the contest, how magic works, and what the overall theme and tone of the anthology will be.

There will be a social hour before #SciFiChat, beginning at 2:00 pm Eastern Time.

The moderator of #SciFiChat is @DavidRozansky. To monitor or participate in #SciFiChat, sign in to the Twitterchat tool of your choice and use the hashtag #SciFiChat. Please introduce yourself to the chatters.

For more information about #SciFiChat, please see the description page.

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