What is inside Fishnets and Platforms

I am working on my writer’s guide to book marketing, with the wonderful title of
Fishnets and Platforms: The Writers Guide to Whoring Your Book.

To give everyone an idea of what the is inside the book, here is the working table of contents.

Table of Contents from

Fishnets & Platforms

The Writers Guide to Whoring Your Book

By David Rozansky


The premise of Fishnets & Platforms

Chapter 1: Whoring Yourself: An Overview of Author Self-Promotion

Why do authors resist self-promotion?

Why self-promotion is necessary.

Exceptional writing is your first priority.

The big picture of your writing career.

Balance your marketing and your writing.

Why your publisher can’t market for you.

Delegate a marketing manager.

Chapter 2: Free Love: What Doing Nothing Gets You

The Book Lottery.

The rejection cycle.

How readers select books.


Selecting a title.

Marketing that publishers do.

Distribution paths.

The New Publishing Order.

The Long Tail and the Hard Climb.

The worth of letting others market for you.

Self-published books.

Chapter 3: Getting into Selling Out: Creating your Marketing Plan

What a marketing plan is.

Why use a marketing plan?

The author’s marketing toolbox.

Designing marketing campaigns.

The key is the marketing calendar.

Chapter 4: Wearing Platforms: The 7 Steps to Building a Platform

What is a platform?

Step 1: Identify the fans.

Step 2: Find the fans.

Step 3: Attract the fans.

Step 4: Capture the fans.

Step 5: Feed the fans.

Step 6: Communicate with the fans.

Step 7: Leverage the fans.

The Fishnets & Platforms Seven-Step Tango.

Chapter 5: Soliciting: The 11 Rules of Author Self-Promotion

The Rule of Reading.

The Rule of Sales.

The Rule of Samples.

The Rule of Friends.v

The Rule of Proximity.

The Rule of 5×5.

The Rule of Reviews.

The Rule of Crowds.

The Rule of the Internet.

The Rule of Branding.

The Rule of Writing.

Ross’s Rules of Order.

Chapter 6: Working the Boulevard: The Mighty Amazon

How to set up your Amazon accounts.

Amazon links & widgets.

Amazon tricks.

Amazon customer reviews.

Tagging your book.

The Amazon Bestseller Rank.

Hitch your book to a star.

The Amazon campaign.

Platform building on Amazon.

Author self-promotion on Amazon.

Beyond Amazon.

Chapter 7: Talking Sexy: Blogs & Social Media

Setting up the blog.

The front page.

The bio page.

The book pages.

The blog.

Newsletter subscriptions.

The press page.

Your blog and the Fishnets & Platforms 7 Steps to Platform Building.

Your blog and the Fishnets & Platforms 11 Rules of Author Self-Promotion.

The Amazon Author Central blog.

Promoting your author blog.

The power of social media.

Chat networks.

Social network sites.

Professional networking sites.

Book sites.

Topical & genre-specific sites.

Content-sharing sites.

Promoting your social media accounts.

How to build a strong following on social media.

Completing the sale.

Monetizing your blog.

Chapter 8: Working in a Whorehouse: The Author-Publisher Interface

What a publisher brings to the table.

Put your publisher to work.

A few not-so-nice words about literary agents.

The publisher and the Fishnets & Platforms 7 Steps to Platform Building.

The publisher and the Fishnets & Platforms 11 Rules of Author Self-Promotion.

Chapter 9: Getting Kinky: Selling Beyond the Bookshelf

Thinking outside the shelf.

Specialty Retail:

Selling in the back of the room.

Booth sales.

Specialty stores.

Discount stores.

General retail stores.


Mail-order catalogs.

Book clubs.

Group Sales:

Incentive sales.

Association sales.

Co-operative marketing.

Direct-Response Marketing:

Direct mail.

Email ads.

Mail-order catalog.


Direct-response advertising.

Beyond the Covers (sell your concepts):

Series & related material.

Subsidiary rights.

Tie-ins and spinoffs.


Brand licensing, merchandise rights & endorsements.


Selling ad space.

Chapter 10: Turning Tricks: Marketing Tricks

List of marketing campaigns.

Approximately 500 marketing campaigns. (About 1/2 of the book’s page count.)

Glossary of Marketing and Publishing Terms

Appendix A: Reading List

Appendix B: Avoid the Book Tour

Appendix C: List of Book Bloggers & Book Reviewers

Appendix D: Quick & Dirty Marketing Plan

Appendix E: Book Awards & Contests

Appendix F: Be a Publisher


Fishnets & Platforms: The Writers Guide to Whoring Your Book by David Rozansky is slated for publication in Spring 2013 by Flying Pen Press.

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