88 Predictions for Publishing in 2016

It is my custom each New Year to make as many predictions as I can for the coming year, as it pertains to the publishing industry. I do this to try and beat my competition to the coming trends, then … Please enjoy the full article

Buzz Marketing is an Equalizer

The Book Marketing Tip for November 29, 2014: Buzz Marketing via opinion leaders is equalized: that is, an independently-published author is on par with a Big-Five frontlist author. Opinion leaders are the key to marketing books. Once they begin to … Please enjoy the full article

Government Types for Fantasy and Science Fiction

Big Brother is watching you!

I keep a list of government types, for inspiration in creating settings in the role-playing games I run and the settings for my fiction. It is very useful, especially in the genres of science fiction and fantasy, where exotic locations … Please enjoy the full article