Book Marketing Tip for Sept. 20, 2012

Today’s #BookMarket Tip: Writing quality is more important than marketing tricks. Run your books or your blog through experts before publication.

Readers buy books primarily based on recommendations, word of mouth, and a sense of buzz in the general community. All of these depend on positive comments.

Negative comments in a recommendation, or rather, a warning by a critic not to read the book, will kill sales.

Negative comments in word-of-mouth gossip will only prevent people from buying the book, due as much to peer pressure as to the preservation of one’s recreational budget and time. This, too, will kill sales.

Negative comments in community buzz makes people believe that the book is not worth reading. This kills sales, and it does worse than that: when people stop buying a book, there are too few people left to buzz about the book.

It’s been my general experience that one negative comment overrules ten positive comments. That is, it takes ten positive recommendations to buy the book to overcome the damage that a negative warning to not buy the book causes. And worse, the ten positive comments must be delivered before the negative comment, or there will be no more positive comments forthcoming.

Writing is a talent. Good story telling and good educating are vital. However, the first phase of good writing lies in good grammar, spelling and style. Get these wrong, and readers will harp on them immediately, and judge the entire book by these technical matters.

Typos and bad grammar sneak into your writing, no matter how hard you try. Because a writer is so close to her work, it is often hard to spot even the most obvious of error.

To catch these errors, it’s good to give the work first to trial readers and an editor.

Great marketing, on the other hand, accelerates reviews, word of mouth and buzz. If the readers love the book because it reaches them and nothing stops them cold like technical errors, the great news about the book will spread like wildfire. Great marketing helps great writing find a foothold in marketplace.

However, great marketing also accelerates warnings, derision and negative buzz. Thus, badly written books marketed well sell badly, while wonderfully written books marketed poorly at least sport a fighting chance.

Writing well is the writer’s first priority. All else is for naught if the writer does not ensure the quality of her writing.

Who would like to be a trial reader for this blog? Where do you find your trial readers?

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