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Each day on Twitter, about noon Eastern Time, I offer a #BookMarket Tip, a tip for writers on how to promote themselves and market their material commercially.

#BookMarket Tip for today: Write a lot, post several articles a day. An author’s fanbase grows proportionately to the amount of daily content available.

It is our nature to consume language. Human minds are geared towards finding patterns, deciphering language, seeking knowledge. This mental hunger is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. And once we learn to read, our voracious hunger for patterns, language and knowledge attaches itself to this skill.

Thus, readers are forever on the lookout for something to read. The moment there is text, our eyes fixate on it. Whether it is a billboard, a road sign, the back of the cereal box, or an abandoned newspaper, our eyes seek it out, and our mind fills its attention span with whatever text it can read.

There are other things that capture our attention. Video. People watching. And tasks like driving, cooking or eating. But the desire to rad is a constant hunger behind those other attention-getters.

People will read to fill the void. Whatever they read the most of, they will remember the most. A writer wants her readers to remember her, at least enough to recommend her works to others. The writing must be top-notch to earn the recommendation, but mind-share is also critical, and to get share of mind, the reader’s mind must be filled with the author’s work.

If the hunger for reading is always on, readers will read whatever comes their way. If the author has not provided something new to read, the reader will read some other writer’s work. And then that other writer will have the coveted mind-share.

To earn mind-share, keep the readers’ hunger for text well fed.

A constant flow of the author’s written material does several things:

  • The writer’s name is constantly reinforced in the readers mind.
  • The reader’s mind is kept focused on the style and quality of writing you present to them.
  • The reader is conditioned to repeat your ideas and stories to others.
  • The reader, when pressed for a recommendation, is most likely to recommend you.
  • The chances increase for snagging a wayward reader who is not being fed by another writer.
  • The writer gains considerable skill by the relentless practice of writing.
  • The practice of writing to a daily deadline has the knack of dissipating writer’s block.

Keep the reader fed. There are some rules from my forthcoming book, Fishnets & Platforms: The Writers Guide to Whoring Your Book, that stands behind today’s #BookMarket Tip:

  • Rozansky’s Fifth Law of Marketing: “Be where the competition isn’t. Do what the campetition can’t. Be what the competition ain’t.”
  • The fifth step of the Fishnets & Platforms 7 Steps for Building a Platform is “Feed the Fans.”
  • The eleventh rule of the Fishnets & Platforms 11 Rules of Author Self-Promotion is the Rule of Writing: “Write well, write prolifically.”

What is your feeling about this tip? Are you ready to write a lot and post several articles a day on your blog? What would help you reach that level of production?

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