Blog Schedule

I share a lot of information on my blog, on a variety of topics. Here is the schedule of topics I have set for myself. I’m not perfect, I’ll probably miss a few postings, but it should let readers know when to expect material.

  • Calendar of Events is updated on Sunday.
  • Spotlight on a Book Marketing Tool is posted Monday and Thursday.
  • Excerpt from Fishnets & Platforms: The Writers Guide to Whoring Your Book is posted Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Business Articles are posted on Tuesday.
  • TurboBuzz Articles, about buzz marketing, are posted Thursday.
  • Gaming Articles are posted on Friday.
  • Bookstore Interview is posted on Monday.
  • Publisher Interview is posted on Tuesday.
  • Author Interview is posted on Wednesday.
  • Book Reviews are posted on Tuesday, assuming I’ve finished a book recently.
  • Flying Pen Press Publisher’s Notes are posted Monday.
  • #BookPro transcripts and program are posted Friday, after the chat (currently on hiatus).
  • #SciFiChat transcripts and program are posted Friday, after the chat.
  • Calendar of Events is updated on Sunday.
  • Games or other fun stuff is slated for Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

In addition, I post reports and responses to news in the publishing industry as it happens. Ad hoc topics and guest blogs will post occasionally.

The email newsletter goes out monthly, on the first Monday of the month.


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