Who am I?

David A. Rozansky, Aviator, Author, Adventurer

David A. Rozansky. Aviator. Author. Adventurer. Publisher of Flying Pen Press. Author of Fishnets & Platforms: The Writers Guide to Whoring Your Book. Author’s Business Manager. Writing Coach. Gamer. And so much more!

David A. Rozansky is the publisher of Flying Pen Press LLC, a Denver-based small press that is giving flight to great books. He is a freelance writer, editor and publisher whose experience in publishing goes back to 1989. He is also an authors’ business manager.

Mr. Rozansky’s interests include aviation, science fiction, mystery novels, poker, and role-playing games, and these interests are reflected in the books his company publishes. Rozansky has been reading science fiction enthusiastically since he first learned to read, and has been playing role-playing games since 1973. He was the president and league director of the Adventure Role Playing League. He has professionally written more than one million words under his byline, and has published Rocky Mountain Air Traveler and American Cabby Magazine. He was also a bush pilot in Central America. Rozansky is originally from Denver, where he currently lives.

Mr. Rozansky is seeking writers and novelists. His company is seeking novels and anthologies, particularly science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery, Western, thriller, horror, and contemporary fiction. Flying Pen Press is also seeking writers for game books and books about games, for its Game Day imprint; and nonfiction titles. Mr. Rozansky is interested in publishing new writers as well as established authors. He is currently receiving new clients for his authors’ business management services.

David Rozansky is currently writing Fishnets & Platforms: The Writers Guide to Whoring Your Book.

How To Contact This Guy

Really, I am quite approachable. Please feel free to contact me any time.

The easiest way to reach me is by tweets on Twitter:

I do take calls directly, although I do tend to work on various mobile devices and thus I am not always in the office. Please leave a message if I am not there.
This is also the phone number for facsimile transmissions (fax).
(+1) 303-375-0499.

I do get a lot of email, so it is not necessarily the fastest way to reach me.

If you want to submit a manuscript, query or proposal to Flying Pen Press, please do not send it to me directly. Instead, see the Flying Pen Press “Submissions” site for email instructions:

If you are sending letters or packages, please have them shipped or delivered to the office.
David Rozansky, Publisher
Flying Pen Press
1660 Niagara Street
Denver, Colorado 80220

In case you have forgotten where you are, here is the URL for this blog, where you can post comments to my articles.

If you are really looking for the site of my independent publishing house, Flying Pen Press, it’s not far.

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